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15 of the Best Doughnut Shops in San Francisco: A Journey from Old School Classic to Crazy Fun

Exploring the Best 15 Donut Shops in San Francisco -Let’s Dig into these Sweet Delights!

If you’re a fellow donut enthusiast looking to embark on a delectable journey through the sweet, doughy world of San Francisco’s best donut shops, you’ve come to the right place. San Francisco may be known for its tech startups and iconic Golden Gate Bridge, but it also boasts a thriving donut scene that’s worth exploring. Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure as we dive into the best 15 donut shops in San Francisco, each with its own unique twist on these beloved pastries.

Note These are not in any particular order – Pick your favorite!




Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop – Polk Street – Nob Hill

 Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop: Where Classics Never Go Out of Style!

Open 24/7, Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop in Nob Hill is a true San Francisco staple. With prices that won’t break the bank, this classic spot serves up some of the best donuts in the city. Their maple donut, in particular, is a masterpiece of light and fluffy goodness with just the right amount of maple sweetness. Bob’s has been delighting donut lovers since the 1960s, so you know they’ve perfected their craft.

Must-Try Donut: Bob’s Maple Donut – Light, fluffy, and perfectly crispy with just the right amount of sweet maple icing.



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Johnny Doughnuts – Pacific Heights

Johnny Doughnuts: Artisanal Delights with a Modern Twist!

Johnny Doughnuts brings a modern twist to the world of donuts. With locations across the Bay Area, their artisanal creations will have you falling in love at first bite. Their apple caramel fritter and lime mascarpone-stuffed donuts are must-tries. These donuts are not only delicious but also huge! You’ll be captivated by their unique texture, thanks to the secret ingredient—potatoes. Make sure to arrive early before these delectable treats disappear.

Must-Try Donuts: Apple Caramel Fritter – A classic raised donut stuffed with apple pie filling and topped with a mouthwatering glaze and crumble combo. Also the lime mascarpone-stuffed donut.



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SPQR – Lower Pacific Heights

SPQR: Where Italian Fare Meets Delectable Doughnuts! Weekends Only!

SPQR, known for its Italian cuisine, offers a delightful surprise on the weekends: hot-out-of-the-fryer doughnuts and excellent coffee. Their doughnuts, or rather, square treats, come in various flavors, from sweet powdered sugar and cinnamon to savory options like strawberry rhubarb and wild mushrooms. Enjoy these treats at the outdoor tables or take them to go.

Must-Try Donut:  Seasonal Strawberry Rhubarb Donut – A delightful blend of fruity sweetness and a touch of tartness.

  • Neighborhood: Lower Pacific Heights
  • Address: 1911 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Phone: (415) 771-7779
  • Hours (Weekends): 9 am – 2 pm
  • Website: SPQR
  • Instagram: SPQR Instagram



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Mochill Mochidonut – Japan Town

Mochill Mochidonut: The Chewy, Fluffy, and Gooey Delights of Japan Town!

Mochill is the underdog of San Francisco’s donut scene, but it’s a must-visit. Located in Japan Town, they serve mochi donuts that are chewy, fluffy, crisp, and gooey all at once. Their rotating menu features exciting flavors like cinnamon sugar, Nutella, and cookies and cream. Be sure to try the special flavors of the day for a fresh and delicious experience. Plus, the affordable parking is a huge bonus!

Must-Try Donuts: Cinnamon sugar, Nutella, and the special flavors of the day.

  • Neighborhood (Japan Center): Japan Town
  • Address (Japan Center): 1737 Post Street STE395, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Neighborhood (Stonestown Galleria): Stonestown Galleria
  • Address (Stonestown Galleria): 3251 20th Ave STE159, San Francisco, CA 94132
  • Hours: Vary by location
  • Website: Mochill Mochidonut
  • Instagram: Mochill Mochidonut Instagram


Butter Love Bakeshop – Outer Richmond

Butter Love Bakeshop: Where Love and Butter Make Magic!

At Butter Love Bakeshop, everything is made with love and, you guessed it, butter. This small Outer Richmond bakery is a hidden gem. While they’re known for their sweet and savory pies, their yeasty doughnuts steal the show. Seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and apple cider add a delightful twist to their donut offerings.

Must-Try Donut: Seasonal specials like pumpkin spice and apple cider.


Trish’s Mini Donuts – Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39

Trish’s Mini Donuts: Tiny, Sweet, and Totally Addicting!

If you’re visiting Pier 39, don’t miss the chance to indulge in the sweet, airy goodness of Trish’s Mini Donuts. These little treats may taste more like churros than traditional donuts, but that won’t stop you from devouring them by the bucketful. The cinnamon sugar-coated ones are especially irresistible. The long line is worth the wait, and you can even watch the magic happen as the donuts are made right before your eyes.

Must-Try Donut: Cinnamon sugar-coated mini donuts in a souvenir bucket.



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Hahdough – Fell Street – Panhandle

Hahdough: Berliner Donuts with a Touch of Germany!

Hahdough brings a taste of Germany to San Francisco with its Berliner donuts. These seasonal jam and custard-filled delights are fluffy, light, and incredibly flavorful. The sunflower seed oil they’re fried in gives them that perfect, crispy texture. Whether you’re a fan of Germany or just great donuts, Hahdough has you covered.

Must-Try Donut: Berliner donuts with rotating fillings like vanilla cream and Nutella.

  • Neighborhood: Fell Street – Panhandle
  • Address: 1221 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94117
  • Phone: (415) 691-9570
  • Website: Hahdough
  • Instagram: Hahdough Instagram



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Whack Donuts! – Embarcadero Center 

Introduction: Whack Donuts!: Where Vegan Delights Meet Creative Flavors!

Founded in 2020, Whack Donuts offers cakey vegan doughnuts with ever-changing flavors. From chocolate chip to aromatic Thai tea, their creations are both delightful and animal product-free. Keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest drop-off locations across the city. You can often find them at Rainbow Grocery and Ritual Coffee at 1026 Valencia St in the Mission during the week.

Must-Try Donuts:  OG Glaze, Chocolate Glaze, Cinnamon Spice & Chocolate Chip Vegan Doughnut – All fantastic vegan treats that will delight your taste buds.

  • Neighborhood: Pop Up – Embarcadero Center
  • Address: Four Embarcadero Center,  San Francisco, CA 94111
  • Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 8 am- 2 pm.
  • Phone: (415) 863-0620
  • Instagram: whackdonuts


Uncle Benny’s Donut & Bagel – Sunset

Uncle Benny’s Donut & Bagel: Classic Flavors, Generous Portions!

Uncle Benny’s in the Sunset is the go-to spot for classic donut flavors that will instantly satisfy your sweet tooth. From apple fritters to sprinkle donuts, their neatly organized case has it all. Grab an assortment of flavors and head across the street to Golden Gate Park for a delightful breakfast experience.

Must-Try Donuts: Maple Bacon Donut – A delightful combination of sweet and savory in every bite.



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Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery – Mission District

Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery: Classics Done Right!

Grand Mission Donuts & Bakery is your neighborhood spot for well-executed classics. From sugar-coated delights to chocolate-covered old fashioneds, they nail the traditional favorites. They also offer a variety of Chinese baked goods, including pineapple buns and coconut buns, for a delightful twist.

Must-Try Donuts: Chocolate-Covered Old Fashioned – A timeless classic with a rich chocolate twist.

  • Neighborhood: Mission District
  • Address: 2195 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110



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Twisted Donuts & Coffee – Noriega Street

Twisted Donuts & Coffee: Classic and Creative Delights Await!

Twisted Donuts & Coffee in the Sunset nails the classics, offering maple bacon, old fashioneds, and more. However, what keeps us coming back are their creative weekend specials. From Bavarian crème brûlée to PB&J, there’s always something new to try. Plus, they cater to vegan tastes with options like sweet guava-glazed donuts.

Must-Try Donuts: Bavarian Crème Brûlée Donut – A delightful twist on a classic dessert.



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Dynamo Donut & Coffee – Multiple Locations

Dynamo Donut & Coffee: Where Creative and Handcrafted Collide!

Dynamo Donut & Coffee stands out with its creative and handcrafted offerings. With a rotating flavor menu that includes options like peanut butter banana honey and candied orange blossom, you’re in for a treat. The classic vanilla bean flavor with subtle citrus undertones is a fan favorite. You won’t want to miss this top-notch donut destination.

Must-Try Donuts: Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate Donut – Tangy, sweet, and utterly irresistible.

  • Neighborhood (The Mission): The Mission
  • Address (The Mission): 2760 24TH STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94110
  • Neighborhood (The Marina Kiosk): The Marina
  • Address (The Marina Kiosk): 110 YACHT ROAD, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94123
  • Website: Dynamo Donut & Coffee
  • Instagram: Dynamo Donut & Coffee Instagram



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The Jelly Donut – Mission District

The Jelly Donut: Classic Goodness with a Gooey Twist!

The Jelly Donut is an old-school Mission institution that recently reopened after a two-year hiatus. Their gooey, overstuffed donuts are the stuff of legends. While they offer classic flavors, it’s their inventive combinations like chocolate raspberry jam and mango jam that set them apart. Just be prepared for some delightful messiness while you enjoy these treats.

Must-Try Donuts: Chocolate Raspberry Jam Donut – A delightful combination of chocolate and fruity goodness.

  • Neighborhood: Mission District
  • Address: 3198 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Phone: (760) 367-4202
  • Instagram: jellydonuts_415


Happy Donuts – Noe Valley

Happy Donuts: Where Happiness Is a Bite Away!

As the name suggests, Happy Donuts is the place to find happiness in the form of raised glazed donuts. Open 24 hours a day, this traditional shop serves up melt-in-your-mouth classics reminiscent of childhood favorites. It’s hard not to be happy when indulging in these timeless treats.

Must-Try Donut: Raised glazed donuts that melt in your mouth.

  • Neighborhood: Noe Valley
  • Address: 3801 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Phone: (415) 285-5890



Magic Donuts

Like the Sign Says: This is where the Magic Happens

Beautiful Soudough donuts with some interesting twists. Tucked away in San Francisco’s vibrant Potrero Hill, opposite Jackson Park, stands Magic Donuts & Coffee. It beckons visitors daily with its array of delightful donuts, ranging from classic glazed to unique flavors like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Lemon Meringue Pie. Each donut, a feast for both the eyes and palate, is complemented by expertly brewed coffee and tea. For those seeking a magical treat, this is the destination.

Open every single day from 7 am to 5 pm

Must-Try Donuts: Lemon Meringue Pie, Campfire and Cheescake

  • Neighborhood: Potrero Hill
  • Address: 1675 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA
  • Phone: (628) 221-0111
  • Website: magicdonuts.com
  • Instagram:magicdonutssf



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Hookt Doughnuts – Delivery Only 

Charming Mini Donuts

Hookt Doughnuts is all about amazing mini donuts.  The Oreo Blast donut is a fan favorite, perfectly balancing chewiness and crunchiness. While these mini donuts may seem a bit pricey, the fresh-made quality make them worth every penny.

Cannot Miss: Oreo Blast Mini Donut – Perfectly chewy and crunchy with the irresistible taste of Oreo.



Donut Farm – Ferry Building

Vegan Donuts that are worth the trip

Vegan Doughnuts Kiosk at the Francisco Ferry Building.

Cannot Miss:  Favorite flavors: Salted Caramel, Vanilla Cookie, and Meyer lemon.


These are some of the best donut shops in San Francisco, each with its own unique charm and delicious offerings. Whether you’re a fan of classic glazed donuts or prefer innovative flavors, San Francisco has a donut shop for every taste bud. Enjoy your donut adventure in the Bay Area!