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12 Different Types of Doughnuts to Try (and a Couple More that May or May Not Be Donuts)

The Silly Guide to 12 Different Types of Doughnuts (and a Few Mysterious Cousins)

Hey there, fellow doughnut enthusiast! Whether you spell it “doughnut” or “donut,” one thing’s for sure: these delightful rings of fried dough are a universal symbol of pure culinary joy. If you’re ready to embark on a whimsical and mouthwatering journey through the world of doughnuts, buckle up! We’re about to explore 12 different types of doughnuts and uncover a few mysterious cousins that may or may not qualify as doughnuts.

1. Yeast Doughnut – The Fluffy Wonder

Let’s kick things off with the classic yeast doughnut, also known as a “raised doughnut.” Picture this: a doughnut that’s so light and airy it practically floats on air. Yeast is the secret ingredient here, creating those lovely air pockets while frying, resulting in a spongy, delightful texture. You can find these bad boys glazed, frosted, or even filled!

2. Jelly Doughnut – The Sweet Surprise

If you’re in the mood for a delightful surprise, meet the jelly doughnut. It’s like a cozy blanket for your taste buds. Imagine a yeast doughnut without a hole, lovingly filled with fruity goodness. It’s the perfect balance of fluffy dough and sweet, fruity filling.

3. Glazed Doughnut – A Shiny Delight

Ah, the glazed doughnut – a true classic. Whether it’s a yeast or cake doughnut, they all share one thing: that mesmerizingly thin glaze that coats the surface. Glazes come in a rainbow of flavors, from the classic plain to the extravagant maple.

4. Frosted Doughnut – A Sweet Blanket

For those who like their doughnuts to be cozy and decadent, the frosted doughnut is your go-to. Typically made with cake doughnuts, these babies can handle a heavy layer of frosting and various toppings. It’s like a sugary comforter for your taste buds!

5. Boston Cream Doughnut – The Custard Dream

Inspired by the famous Boston cream pie, this doughnut is like a mini dessert explosion. It’s a yeast doughnut filled with creamy custard and generously topped with a luscious chocolate glaze. Prepare for a flavor party in your mouth!

6. Cider Doughnut – Fall in Every Bite

Cider doughnuts are a delightful autumn treat. These doughnuts, often made from a batter infused with apple cider, are fried to perfection and then lovingly coated in a cinnamon sugar mixture. They taste like a crisp fall day.

7. Old-Fashioned Doughnut – A Taste of History

Travel back in time with the old-fashioned doughnut. These rustic beauties, dating back to 1829, are essentially cake doughnuts fried at a lower temperature. The result? A crispy exterior with a soft, cakey inside. The glaze clings to every nook and cranny, making each bite a unique experience.

8. Sour Cream Doughnut – The American Classic

Sour cream doughnuts, also known as “old-fashioned donuts,” are a beloved American classic. These cakey delights incorporate sour cream into the batter, giving them a distinctive flavor and texture.

9. Twisted Doughnut – The Sweet Spiral

Twisted doughnuts are soft, pillowy, and utterly delightful. Made from yeast dough and rolled in sugar, they’re a unique cross between churros and beignets. You can find them in many Asian bakeries, and they’re a sweet treat worth trying!

10. Long John Doughnut – The Elegant Rectangle

Meet the Long John, a rectangular yeast doughnut with a chocolate glaze. It’s like the sophisticated cousin of éclairs. Confusingly, they can be filled or unfilled, and the names “Long John” and “éclair” are often interchangeable. Just be prepared for deliciousness!

11. Zeppole – Italian Delights

Zeppole, essentially Italian doughnut holes, are larger and can be made with either yeast or cake batter. These little delights are dusted with powdered sugar, making them a sweet and simple pleasure.

12. Cake Doughnut – Rich and Buttery

Flavor-wise, a cake doughnut is like a buttery dream come true. With a rich batter that includes plenty of butter, these doughnuts have a denser, crumbly texture compared to their yeast counterparts. They’re perfect for piling on the toppings, as they can handle the weight!

And Now, Some Doughnut Cousins…

But wait, the doughnut adventure doesn’t end here! We’ve got a few doughnut-like cousins to introduce you to:

13. Beignet – French Elegance

Beignets are small yeasted doughnuts with French origins. They’re a Mardi Gras staple in New Orleans, dusted with powdered sugar and made from choux pastry that puffs when fried. It’s like a taste of Paris in doughnut form!

14. Churro – The Cinnamon Swirl

Churros are like the fun, elongated cousins of doughnuts. Choux dough is piped into hot oil, fried until golden, and then coated in a heavenly mixture of cinnamon sugar. They’re perfect for dipping in chocolate or filling with dulce de leche!

15. Fritter – The Versatile Treat

Fritters are like doughnut balls, fried to perfection and ready to be filled, glazed, or dusted with sugary goodness. They come in all sorts of flavors and textures, making them a delightful surprise with every bite.

16. Cruller – The Ridged Beauty

Also known as a French cruller, this ridged, ring-shaped doughnut is a cake doughnut made from an eggy batter. It’s fried and then glazed to perfection. Every bite is a mix of softness and crunch!

17. Potato Donut – The Unique Twist

Potato donuts are a fascinating twist on the classic. They replace some or all of the flour with mashed potatoes or potato starch, resulting in an even lighter and airier doughnut. Who knew potatoes could be so magical?

18. Mochi Donut – The Stretchy Wonder

Mochi donuts are a Japanese-American creation made with glutinous rice or tapioca starch. They have a stretchy, unique texture and can be either fried or baked. Plus, they’re gluten-free, making them a healthier doughnut alternative.

19. Vegan Donut – The Compassionate Treat

Vegan donuts are for those who love doughnuts but want to skip the animal products. These treats use plant-based ingredients like almond or coconut milk and egg substitutes. Toppings and fillings are thoughtfully chosen to ensure they’re entirely animal-friendly.

20. Drop Donuts – The Irregular Delights

Imagine doughnut holes, but more irregular in shape. Drop donuts are made by dropping spoonfuls of batter directly into the fryer, creating whimsical shapes and textures. They’re like mini works of art!

21. Doughnut Hole – Bite-Sized Happiness

Doughnut holes are tiny, bite-sized treats that are theoretically made from the center hole of a traditional doughnut.


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